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Leslie Wood


If you manage a business or non-profit organization
We can help analyze your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. We'll help you strategically plan for a strong, secure future. Then we'll help you manage the details and measure results.

Become more efficient.
Evaluate and improve processes.
Manage changes, mergers and organizational restructures.
Automate systems for speed and higher accuracy.
Optimize record keeping and reporting functions.

Improve profitability.
Analyze your finances and trends.
Improve budget preparation, oversight and reporting.
Proactively plan and manage periodic physical inventory count.
Organize and manage your assets.
Successfully manage fundraising.
Identify opportunities for expense reduction.
Track and measure results.

Improve employee performance & retention.
Recruit valuable employees.
Train and coach employees; further develop their skills.
Review and refine policies and guidelines.
Streamline employee processes, making them faster and easier.
Enhance internal communications to boost employee morale and performance.
Track, document and assess performance.

For individuals and families
We can help you with organization, budgeting and record keeping. We'll also help you pay bills and track personal and household income and expenses.

Become more efficient.
Organize your office and your records.
Develop easy processes for paying bills and tracking expenses.

Improve financial management.
Analyze your finances and trends.
Improve budgeting and establish prudent reserves.
Stay on top of tax records and reporting.
Track and manage insurance and medical costs.

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